WARNING : This post is written by a person who in the grand scheme of things is a nobody, someone who hasn’t been an influencer and probably will never be, so opinions might change if they get the chance to be one 🙂 LOL.

I like the concept, the concept of people influencing other people, because really, no woman or man is an island; and whether we like it or not we are in a constant state of influence, we are being influenced by each other on all levels, energetically, emotionally, aesthetically, spiritually and intellectually all the time, and that is the whole point; in order to be in a constant  state of ebb and flow, to avoid stagnation. So I’m pro influence and influencers all the way, it is enriching.

Imagine the world without Maya Angelou, Prince, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Madonna, Co Co Chanel, Socrates, Meryl Streep, Kahlil Gibran, Virginia Wolf, and many more.


They are important.

What one is seeing is something rather interesting, the influencer’s influence is just about gaining followers, it’s all about mere following. Don’t get me wrong they must have done something right to want to be followed by so many people, no one can discredit that, besides followers are important, Gandhi couldn’t have done it without the followers.


Doesn’t it make better sense to be influenced to not be influenced, and not become followers?!


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