1. People aren’t generally against you, but they’re for themselves.
2. Don’t climb mountains so the world will see you; climb them so you’ll see the world.

3. You’ll learn much more from failure than success, so don’t let failure stop you from building your character.

4. The most dangerous risk of your life is not doing what you want because you think you can buy your freedom.

5. Go to a place where you’re celebrated; don’t remain somewhere you’re simply tolerated.

6. In your life, the person you’ll spend the most time with is yourself, so try to be the best you you can be.

7. Accepting your limitations presents to you the best chance of surpassing them.

8. They say motivation doesn’t last. You know what else doesn’t last? Deodorant. Apply it every day.

9. We all have fears, we have all loved, and we have all lost.

10. Remember, comfort is the enemy of achievement.



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