In my opinion love is  Magic, pure Magic. We can’t control, predict, or define it. It changes us and we change it. It is lucid, fluid, and takes endless forms. It is highly individualistic, often a reflection of its beholder. It is popular, but rare. It is everything and nothing.

There are various types, forms, meanings, and interpretations of love, and they are as complex, and intricate as there language, and the culture by which they are informed.

In the English language there is one verb for love. In the arabic language there are seven. NOT TYPES OF LOVE, BUT VERBS. This fascinates me. It is amazing how the delicacyand intricacy of our emotions depend on the availability of words for them.


حب (Hob)–> Love
عشق (‘Eshk)–> Love
ولع  (Wala’a) –>Love
هوى (Hawa)–> Love

ود (Wud)–>Love

شغف (Shaghaf)–> Love
فتن (Fatn) –>Love

Each word of the seven is a different emotion of romantic love, with a whole different set of rules, pain, and euphoria.

Sometimes one person can ignite all these emotions in one person, and some, in everyone they meet.

Sometimes one person can love another in all these emotions, and sometimes it might take a life time.

Sometimes people live and perish without TRULY experiencing any emotion at all.

I believe, that if we manage to TRULY feel and live AT LEAST one emotion of love in our lifetime, our lives will be so magical.

I can imagine living the seven.



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