To an illusion that was so real.

To a reality that was almost real.

To a dream that was a life in history, and a history that was never meant to be.
To a goodbye that awaits a hello, and a hello that never ended.
To a star that never fell from the sky, and a sky that never transported.
To a wind that blows your name, and to your ears that never heard it.

To time.
A time that never passed, and all the years that ended.
To mornings and nights that travel, and a thousands journeys to come.
Sandra Abdalla




WARNING : This post is written by a person who in the grand scheme of things is a nobody, someone who hasn’t been an influencer and probably will never be, so opinions might change if they get the chance to be one 🙂 LOL.

I like the concept, the concept of people influencing other people, because really, no woman or man is an island; and whether we like it or not we are in a constant state of influence, we are being influenced by each other on all levels, energetically, emotionally, aesthetically, spiritually and intellectually all the time, and that is the whole point; in order to be in a constant  state of ebb and flow, to avoid stagnation. So I’m pro influence and influencers all the way, it is enriching.

Imagine the world without Maya Angelou, Prince, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Madonna, Co Co Chanel, Socrates, Meryl Streep, Kahlil Gibran, Virginia Wolf, and many more.


They are important.

What one is seeing is something rather interesting, the influencer’s influence is just about gaining followers, it’s all about mere following. Don’t get me wrong they must have done something right to want to be followed by so many people, no one can discredit that, besides followers are important, Gandhi couldn’t have done it without the followers.


Doesn’t it make better sense to be influenced to not be influenced, and not become followers?!


To have a connection with someone or something like a place, a song, a painting, or anything for that matter is rare and BITTERSWEET.

Connection usually goes way back in time, or before time became time. It is intricate, complex, and heavily laden with emotions and invisible memories that we feel and know so well but can’t remember and can’t comprehend. We just end up only grasping the tiniest tip of it, which is the connection part, for that is the only bit that our little fragile souls can handle.

It is sweet because those intricate, deeply rooted, and invisible memories warm us up, ignite us, and make a part of us feel like home, we combine the aliveness of infinity, that past and present instantly. Our heart pumps, pumps new blood, again because we are more than we are, because we are all we are, all we have been, and all we will be, and suddenly we are alive. SO ALIVE. Because it is all in relation, in reciprocation to and with the other.

The bitterness is in our own emotional  dementia will stand in the way. Our inability to actually remember why we have this connection will silence the symphony we have inside, so we feel the music but in silence. There will be music but no sound.

But the real bitterness is when it is  one sided, the forgotten memory is one sided. And you have to watch it fade away as you leave that place, or person, knowing that you remember them somehow, and they have forgotten you. COMPLETELY.



The past two years of my life have been exceptionally hard on me, though they were the least in difficult events, they were nevertheless the hardest, and that is because I lost the most important part of my soul, my VITALITY. I just let the accumulation of the residue of the difficulties I faced throughout my life get the best of me (something I recommend you never do, and that can only happen if we are constantly focused on the present and are in a constant state of GRATITUDE).

Since I started little by little to reclaim my vitality from my lost self I started to feel the urge to do things again, new things, since I’m different now, and I said to myself, “let’s write a new bucket list and make it happen”, and something alarmed me!!!

BUCKET LIST??  How limited, fearful, hence, constricting?!






Or something of that sort??!!!

I’m currently choosing a name for my list and it will probably be one that has an expansive quality to it, in other words, a list that will lead to another list and then another list, and to another list that possibly goes way after I kick that bucket, since my soul will indeed live forever. SO HELP ME GOD.



I have been taught that we, as human beings, have enormous powers that we can move stars and light cities just by our own sheer will. Though I never moved a star or lit a city before (I’m working on it), I have had other experiences that showed me how powerful we are, and that we are only as powerful as we believe. It is a direct correlation.

The most magical aspect of our power doesn’t however lay in the magnanimity of our power, or strength of our belief, but in its instantanous-ness.

In the world of our five senses everything is a process, hence, everything takes time to happen then manifest, but in the realm of beliefs, things happen instantly, but they still take time to manifest. Things like healing one’s body, changing a behaviour and everything in between.

If that is not MAGIC, I don’t know what is 🙂


I dance on ruins, skeletons, ashes, and dead dreams.

I dance in between smokey ghosts, among spells and curses past.

I dance towards rebellion and agony.

But no matter how hard the dance is, I vow that I will always dance.                                  For the Magic is in the dance.                   The Magic of resurrection.